What is a Maker?

A maker is a young person who dreams and develops the courage to act on their dreams to bring them to reality.

The Master Maker Program

Our flagship course, The Master Maker Program, caters for young people aged 5 to 17 years. The program is delivered with activities and material relevant to that age range. The age range is divided into groups: 5-8 year old – Junior Makers 9-12 year old – Maker Kids 13-17 year old – Maker Teens Class sizes are capped at 15 makers per session and are led by a lead instructor and 2 to 3 assistants. We provide all the materials and tools including tablets and computers where necessary. The Master Maker Program is a two year revolving course that takes makers through various STEAM disciplines. Classes are run once a week and follow the academic calendar.

Engineering With Simple Machines

Makers Learn about the 6 Simple machines – Levers, The Inclined Plane, Screws, Pulleys, wheel and axle and get to build exciting projects using wood, paper, wire, plastic and many other materials found around the home. In the process they get to learn and discover engineering principles and learn basic fabrication and how things are put together. They will learn how to safely use basic hand tools and will apply maths skills to their constructions. Cutting, gluing, sanding, bolting, painting are an integral part of these classes. What makes our woodwork program unique is that participants get to combine technology with wood fabrication (eg electronics, hydraulics, computer programming) to make some really cool projects, like hydraulic cranes and hydraulic robot man. Fabrication skills learnt in the wood working class form the basis of a lot of the fabrication done throughout the program.


Makers learn to create their own electronic circuits and in the process learn about the inner workings of everyday gadgets. We take them on a journey through the world of electronic components as they learn how electronic circuits work and the basics of interpreting circuit diagrams.

Graphic Design

Our program teaches the basics of Graphic design using Industry standard tools that include Corel Draw and Photoshop. Makers to learn the principles and get to apply them in real world projects like designing and printing their own clothing, designing and printing their own book covers, greeting cards and much more.

Coding - Computer Programming

In today’s digital world, Computer Programming (coding) is a fundamental skill alongside math and reading. In our computer programming course, makers learn the fundamentals of coding structures and principles, problem-solving skills and logical thinking processes through fun, interactive projects using SCRATCH. SCRATCH is a graphical programming language developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to teach Computer Programming principles to young people. Our coding programs are interdisciplinary. Programs also involve design, logic, math, computer skills, teamwork and creativity.

3D Modeling and 3D Printing

3D Design is currently one of the fastest growing tech fields. Whether designing an aeroplane or creating a doll house furniture or custom toys, kids learn fundamental design principles and 3D printing concepts that leap from the screen into their world. In our program, makers learn to design 3D objects and 3D print their designs in our 3D printing Lab.


In our Robotics programme, young makers will design, make and program an electronic invention using the Arduino Microcontroller. An Arduino is a small computer that is used by industry professionals in prototyping electronic devices. Projects include the design and construction of programmable robots.